Ft Worth, TX Foundation Repair Should Be Done By Experts

Ft Worth, TX foundation repair should be done as soon as possible. Urgent Foundation Repair advises all its clients to implement timely foundation repairs to avoid serious trouble in the future. If you postpone those foundation repairs,...

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Benbrook, TX Slab Repair Company That You Can Trust

Benbrook, TX slab repair company that you can trust is Urgent Foundation Repair. We repair cracked slabs in your home for a small fee. You will find cracks in the slab in your home after some time. These slabs are caused by expansive soil, s...

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Fort Worth, TX Slab Repair And Maintenance By A Reliable Company

Fort Worth, TX slab repair services are in high demand. Urgent Foundation Repair provides professional repair services in this area. Slabs get damaged mainly due to weather changes. There is a lot of slab foundation damage in wa...

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Benbrook, TX Residential Foundation Repair At Affordable Rates

Benbrook, TX residential foundation repair services are provided by highly trained and experienced professionals from Urgent Foundation Repair. We are the premier foundation repair company ion Benbrook, TX. We inspect and repair a...

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Fort Worth, TX Foundation Repair Services That You Can Afford

Fort Worth, TX foundation repair services should be affordable to all. Urgent Foundation Repair provides professional foundation repair services at affordable rates in Fort Worth, TX. We know that times are hard and cash is not rea...

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Benbrook, TX Foundation Maintenance Is Very Important

Benbrook, TX foundation maintenance prolongs the lifetime of your house. At Urgent Foundation Repair, we know that the foundation is the key support to your house. The whole building rests on the foundation. This means that if the foundati...

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Fort Worth, TX Foundation Repair Company That Provides All The Services You Need

Fort Worth, TX foundation repair company that you can trust is Urgent Foundation Repair. As the name implies, we are more than punctual. We will come to your home as soon as you callus. At Urgent Foundation Repair...

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Benbrook, TX Concrete Piling Repair Will Support Your Foundation For Years

Benbrook, TX concrete piling repair should be done by professionals from Urgent Foundation Repair. We specialize in concrete piling and its repair. Piles are one of the most efficient foundation support materials. Ther...

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Fort Worth, TX Foundation Crack Repair By Highly Qualified Professionals

Fort Worth, TX foundation crack repair should only be done by professionally trained foundation technicians. At Urgent Foundation Repair, we employ highly trained and experienced technicians who can handle all kinds of f...

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4 days ago
Great folks to work with. I dealt with both Gabriel and Frank and both are very knowledgeable, professional and responsive. They perform quality work at a very reasonable price. I will use them on my other properties for sure. Thank you!
- David T
2 months ago
This company has not only helped me on my home, but has taken care of my friends and family too! They're polite, professional, and do their best to save you money! This is a foundation company you can trust!
- Wendy H
a month ago
Great and honest company. I recommend them to anyone needing foundation repair in DFW!!
- justin b

Best Foundation Services

Urgent Foundation Repair is the go-to foundation service provider in Fort Worth, TX. In fact, we have been the Fort Worth area’s leading provider of foundation services for over forty years. We provide a wide variety of foundation services in the Fort Worth area. Below, you can read about the many services that we provide. You can also read about what sets us apart from other foundation repair companies here in Fort Worth, TX. 

Foundation Repair      

As you may have guessed from our name, we provide foundation repair services here in the Fort Worth area. We can ensure that your foundation is in the best shape possible. Having a foundation that is in the best possible shape will give you and your family great peace of mind. In short, it will help you maintain the value of your home. No matter what is wrong with your foundation, we can fix it. We call ourselves “Urgent Foundation Repair” because your foundation problems are of the utmost importance to us. There is a sense of urgency about everything that we do. That said, we do not rush foundation repair projects, but do them thoroughly and efficiently.  

Concrete Foundation Repair  

There are three basic types of foundations that can be found here in the Fort Worth area: 

 ·        Full Basement       ·        Concrete       ·        Slab    

Here in Fort Worth, TX, all three of these foundation types are made out of concrete. This is because concrete has malleable properties and high durability. Even so, concrete is not without its flaws as a foundation material. Concrete can crack and break over time. When this happens, it is time to give us a call. Even small cracks in concrete can quickly worsen. The widening of these cracks can lead to a wet basement, and even structural damage to your home. In extreme cases, these cracks can actually lower the property value of your home. Better to have us fix cracks in your concrete foundation right away.    

Basement Foundation Repair  

·        Poor Construction 
·        Water Damage 
·        Drought/Geological Changes 
·        Earthquakes      

Any of these issues could spell big trouble for your Fort Worth, TX basement foundation. If you experience any of these issues, please give us a call. We can dispatch an experienced technician and perform basement foundation repairs quickly. 

Foundation Maintenance  

Ensuring that your home’s foundation lasts for years requires more than the occasional repair: it requires regular foundation maintenance. Here at Urgent Foundation Repair, we provide foundation maintenance. We can maintain stone foundations (we find that stone foundations are common in older Fort Worth area homes), as well as concrete foundations.
There are several steps that we can take to help you maintain your foundation here in Fort Worth, TX:

·        We can restore damp walls 
·        We can eliminate mice and rats 
·        We can fill voids/cracks in the stone  
·        We can prevent water penetration 
·        We can prevent mortar from crumbling between rocks 
·        We can remove white powder from along the foundation’s walls

These are just a few of the foundation maintenance services that we provide. For more information on how we can maintain your foundation, give us a call. 

Free Inspections     

One of the things that set us apart from other foundation repair companies here in Fort Worth, TX is that we provide free foundation inspections. Yes, you read that right. No, we do not have any tricks or gimmicks up our sleeves. We provide foundation inspections free of charge because we care about diagnosing foundation problems as quickly as possible. The sooner we know what is going on with your foundation, the sooner we can fix it. So how do you know when to call us for a free inspection? 

There are a few warning signs that you should be on the lookout for:

·        Windows/Doors/Cabinets that are difficult to open or close 
·        Cracking within your home’s exterior walls 
·        Diagonal cracks along the windows/doors of your home 

If you notice any of these red flags – or suspect that your foundation might be jeopardized for some other reason – do not hesitate to give us a call. The inspection won’t cost you a dime and the repairs could save your home.

Affordable Services 

Another reason that we provide free foundation inspections is that we believe that Fort Worth area foundation services should be affordable. That is why all of our foundation repair and maintenance services are competitively priced. We are the most affordable game in town. And what you get for your money is reliable, superior service. 

We Are The Company You Can Trust 

We wouldn’t say that we provide superior services if we were not able to back up the claim. Fortunately, we can. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and zero customer complaints. We can also back our claim up with a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty for most of our services. Additionally, you can rest assured that our highly trained crew members are full-time, experienced applicators, not subcontractors. And if all of that weren’t enough to back up our claim of superior service, our 40 years in business in Fort Worth, TX speaks to our commitment to this area. There is a reason that Fort Worth area homeowners have been seeking out our services for the past four decades. 


Despite our decades of success, we remain a family-owned and operated company. Not only that, but we believe in treating our customers like family. We are not after the “bottom line,” and we do not cut corners in the name of profit. We believe in treating all of our Fort Worth area customers with integrity and respect. That is the “foundation” that we have built our business on. So if you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy foundation company here in Fort Worth, look no further than Urgent Foundation Repair.

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